Blakhatz Inner city Sydney band blakhatz , together since late 2005, mix it up with retro harmonies, laptop dancing and guitar trio grunt. Not so much salvation but a soundtrack. Scenes include: Bozo Creep- remember to never assume the Mission Statement position in front of the children. The Ballad Of Rusty Grunt - a hotel clerk’s epiphany Ooga Booga Boogie - the Spin Cycle that helps keep us all “on task” Red Hand Rock - take time to be moved by an ancient presence even older than television Falling - love song for the planet Surf’s Down -the good, the bad and the ugly mix it up to a darabouka driven surf beat. Bento Baby - unrequited lunch Tokyo style Brilliant Shine- Come for a drink at the Hope and Optimism – Golden Dreaming all round. Little Kimi - duty puts love on hold, but just like in the unreal world we get the threat of a happy ending. River Between Us - a song for friends who have left this party way too early. Trash The Room will we be laughing out the other end of our board shorts when we are lounging on Katoomba Beach. Cheaters TV – time for a reality cheque Okinawa Cowboys - Johnny go marching home !blakhatz is Guru Greg on vocals, guitar, programming and horoscopes: Doctor Mark J on bass, guitar and vocals ; Diamond Jem on drums, ukulele, keys and vocals.
Raised in the musical caves of Australia. they have played (under a different guise) the Albert Hall, jungles of Borneo, the Swiss Alps, Brixton and Florida.

Hitch Hiker Video

May 19th, 2012 + 2:05 AM  ·  blakhatz

As promised here is the final version of Hitch Hiker which was originally posted here some months ago. Slightly re arranged re mixed and mastered.
Thanks and hope you enjoy

The Hitch Hiker

February 23rd, 2012 + 6:02 PM  ·  blakhatz

Hi Ampers
Sat down with the view of writing a Country song .
Based on some stories dating back to the 1930s through to present
.This is vers 1 we're aiming for some banjo and tidy up still.
Hope you enjoy a good ghost story.
cheers greg

I’ve travelled these roads so many times
A driver for the firm
Through rainy nights and scorching days I’ve see this old world turn
But once I think that I was touched in a way not of this world
On an endless road dead dog tired
And the pills had lost their burn

When out of he dark and foggy night a hitchhike all dressed in white
Throws her suitcase in the back & says get me out of here

She told me bout her ma & pa how much she wanted home
Played music on the radio said I should not feel alone
We drove through the night & by dawns light she said ‘thanks drop me here’
I helped her with her suitcase could not help but shed a tear.

Not a sin on her face
Oh baby can you find the way home

Well later that summer I happened to be driving down her way
But her folks blanched white like they’d seen a ghost when they heard what I had to say
She’d met her fate 7 years before to that very night
With an old suitcase hitching home & all dressed in white

Out of he dark and foggy night a hitchhike all dressed in white
Not a sin on her face

Her folks gave me a photograph it rides upon my dash
 And all those endless empty miles I know they’re in the past
Some times at night when the fog rolls in don’t feel so all alone
Cause there she is by my side & the radio plays those songs

Out of he dark and foggy night a hitchhike all dressed in white

re This Wheel's on Fire Vid

December 28th, 2011 + 1:12 AM  ·  blakhatz

Saw new member alex checking the rules re covers on bandamp and reminded me .
We were advised that a good way to get it out there is knock up a video for the song , post to youtube then tag the crap out of it.You get a matched material flag from youtube & its all kosher.Linking to original artist and those who have covered the song will pull in some hits to your page.
This one took 4 hours to shoot and only moderate cursing during the editing...but we are getting better.
Here in sydney FBI radio 94.5fm  have a program that feature cover versions only.So if you get a good one down send a download link to the dj Stuart.He picked it up on the strength of the youtube vid.

He gave it a spin yesterday in his program


Hope you enjoy as much as we did
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December 10th, 2011 + 3:12 AM  ·  blakhatz

We had a lot of fun with this one.GFC XMAS special Peter Watson turns in a stella performance , Mark Jones cries on cue , Jeremy Cook cuts a rug on Uke & Greg needs a haircut.
Merry Xmas from the Blakhatz & hope to see you at a gig in the N.Y.
Thanks to the ASX for the memories QVB for the scantily clad Mannequins.

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Irakistan back yard video mashup

May 24th, 2011 + 7:05 PM  ·  blakhatz

Hi ampers please find attached link to new single Irakistan by blakhatz .

Shot on massive budget with handi cam / mobile phone & splash of green screen in my backyard.We have had a little luck in that the song has  achieved radio rotation here in Oz and the video picked up by a few music video TV programs inc CMC ..Country Music on cable.
Song features bass player Mark banjo solo.
BG images public domain & rural footage shot by our drummer Jeremy.
Inspiration for song

"Why are we bouncing rubble with million dollar missiles"???
Colin Powell

Hope you enjoy
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